Rose Gebken currently works as a freelance writer, editor, and consultant. She writes bios, product copy, and just about anything else that appears on a website. Many of her clients are seeking a change in their online image, and she aids them in re-branding themselves and their products. Her acute knowledge of target audiences and human behavior make her a valuable asset to companies who want to present a fresh look in their overall marketing campaign.

A native of Portland, Oregon, Rose Gebken has also lived outside the Los Padres National Forest in Southern California, where she studied liberal arts and worked on a grounds crew. She then changed her major and moved to the North Bay area of Sonoma County to study microbiology. Falling in love with poetry instead, she graduated three years later from Portland State University with her Bachelor of Arts in English.

In her free time, Rose Gebken enjoys reading, music, and film. Many of her literary mentors are writers from the Pacific Northwest, and she finds the connection between writers and their native landscapes fascinating. Her musical tastes change at least weekly, but some repeat favorites are The Be Good Tanyas and The White Stripes. In film, she appreciates directors who push the limits of conventional silence and eschew traditional soundtracks.